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Great checkups in Newnan start with general and preventative dentistry

A smiling pair of sisters It is wonderful to hear your dentist say, “Everything looks fine. Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you in six months.” Patients of all ages are receiving that good news with general and preventative dentistry from Dr. Shrenna Clifton at Smiles for the Family in Newnan.

Hygiene and prevention

Schedule regular professional cleanings with our gentle, yet thorough, hygiene team for a fresher mouth and smooth, sparkling teeth. Pocket irrigation with an antimicrobial agent is an option for halitosis and gum health.

Comprehensive examinations include:

  • Low radiation digital x-rays, as needed.
  • Oral cancer screening.
  • Gum disease evaluation.
  • Risk assessment for tooth decay.
  • Inspection of existing restorations.

Dr. Clifton may suggest preventative treatments such as dental sealant to reduce risk of cavities, and topical fluoride to strengthen enamel.

General dentistry

General dentistry is steps Dr. Clifton takes to manage oral problems. For example, root canal therapy relieves pain so an infected, inflamed tooth can be saved. In other cases, a tooth may be extracted for the advantage of overall oral health, or to alleviate crowding.

Diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of gum disease is an important part of general dentistry. Gum disease start quietly, as gingivitis. You may see puffy or discolored tissue, have a funny taste in your mouth, or persistent bad breath. Untreated, it progresses into periodontitis, as infection attacks ligaments and bone that hold teeth in place.

Dr. Clifton customizes a treatment plan that may include multiple regular cleanings, scaling and root planing (a special kind of deep cleaning), and medicated mouth rinses or other prescriptions. An electric toothbrush is sometimes suggested for improved home hygiene. In severe cases, Dr. Clifton may recommend oral surgery to reduce pocket depth.

For a full range of general and preventative dentistry services, call Smiles for the Family in Newnan at (770) 285-1244.
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